'21 Jump Street' Sequel Will Be Brie-Free, Says Larson

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Though it wasn't "necessarily" her choice, Brie Larson will not be returning to that street made famous by Johnny Depp.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are moving ahead with a sequel to the well-received action-comedy adaptation of the TV show that launched Depp in the late '80s, "21 Jump Street."

While it's unclear which other actors will return from last  year's critical and commercial hit  (we're certainly pulling for Ice Cube), Brie Larson recently revealed that she will not be back. In an exclusive interview with Screen Crush, the girl who played Hill's love interest in the movie said she has "no idea" what's happening with the sequel following a meeting with the film's directing duo.

"After speaking with them, it's not something I'm going to be a part of anymore than just in spirit," she said of her sit-down with returning co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Hill will again produce, with his and Tatum's undercover cop characters reportedly posing as college students (rather than high schoolers). The joke in the title? The two of them move right next door to where they used to be.

Larson has plenty to keep her busy, even if she won't be hanging with Hill again. Later this year she'll show up in Joseph Gordon Levitt's "Don Jon," Oscar bait "Short Term 12" and "The Spectacular Now."

This would seem to open the field for Hill's character to date a new lady. We already know Scorsese thinks he's awesome because he made sure to tell everyone that, so surely, some great actresses must agree.

"22 Jump Street" is scheduled to begin shooting in the fall with a summer, 2014 release date. Given that [SPOILER] Depp's character was killed off in an extended cameo, we're hoping Richard Grieco will make an appearance in this one. The good news is that he's game to reprise his role as Det. Dennis Booker, who had his own spinoff series back in the day.

"I would definitely want to be involved in the sequel," he told ABC. "My character would not have lent itself to this one. That character was so dark."

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