'Lone Survivor' Trailer: Mark Wahlberg's One Scruffy Soldier

Director Peter Berg is now totally ready to make amends with everyone after dishing out the box office and critical nightmare that was "Battleship" with a straight face last year. While sticking with the soldier-y hoorah format, this time the movie is based on a true story of heroism rather than some ridiculously contrived, loosely-based-off-a-board-game brouhaha.

As presented in this first trailer for Berg's "Lone Survivor," based on the memoir by Marcus Luttrell (whom Mark Wahlberg depicts in the movie), the story centers on the real-life events of July 2005, when four U.S. Navy SEALS hit a recon mission on the Afghan-Pakinstani border to scope out an Al Qaeda leader and found themselves entangled with a Taliban army. 

As the title indicates — no need for a spoiler alert, then, right? — most of the soldiers involved do not meet a happy end in the conflict. In fact, it's regarded as one of the largest life loss incidents in SEAL history.

Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster and Emile Hirsch star alongside Wahlberg as the fateful foursome, while Eric Bana, Alexander Ludwig and Jerry Ferrara also suit up for the pic.

The film hits limited theaters on Dec. 27 with a wide release to follow in Jan., 2014.

Lone Survivor Poster