'Star Trek'-ified Suite Might Be the Coolest Thing Ever

Star Trek bed

There are "Star Trek" fans who dress head to toe in their spiffiest Spock attire to pledge allegiance to the  USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)And then there are fans who do...this. 

Do you eat, breathe and sleep "Star Trek?" Well, thanks to a wild promotional tool for "Star Trek Into Darkness," you can literally take a snooze in a Kirk-ified suite. To the tune of $700 a night, of course.

Nerd Approved reports The Sheraton Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil is offering guests the option to stay in a fully decked out "Star Trek" room for a limited time. Remember those adolescent dreams of living in a space-decorated room (to the dismay of a mother eagerly planning your college departure)? Well, dust them off, pack a bag and head below the equator. Your time has arrived.

The room is, frankly, flippin' sweet. Even those who aren't  "Star Trek" aficionados can appreciate the sheer awesomeness that is this room. The walls twinkle with various stars, planets, and other astronomical sights to make guests feel like they are traveling in space. Who needs a spaceship when you can travel in bed? Suckas! 

The pillows are decorated with delta shields, star-like crystals are embedded in the walls, and a remote control signals LED light effects. Even the toilets are cool. You're basically the captain of your own ship — the Sheraton is making dreams come true left and right!

Don't think your stay at the USS Sheraton doesn't come without swag. You'll get two tickets to "Star Trek Into Darkness" as well. Oh! And the chance to get your hands on a Starfleet ring for $10,000 and space boots for $1,500. Ya know, if there's some change left over from TGI Fridays.

Check out a few pictures below (the rest at Nerd Approved), and book your stay before this suite goes into darkness (pun completely intended).