See Ya, Sandy! Cameron Diaz Is In For 'Annie'

Cameron Diaz
Getty Images

Sandra Bullock might have abandoned her role in the "Annie" orphanage, but with this "Bad Teacher" coming in to sub it's gonna be one lovable tomorrow indeed, kids.

Deadline reports that Cameron Diaz has been wrangled in to star in Columbia Pictures' upcoming "Annie" remake as the sinfully sour Miss Hannigan, a character positively owned by the way-ahead-of-her-time Carol Burnett back in the '82 version.

Diaz adds to a rather fun little cast ensembled for the remake so far, including Quvenzhane Wallis as the curly-haired namesake of the film and Jamie Foxx as Big Daddy Warbucks Benjamin Stacks.

The choice is interesting because while Diaz has a resume full of being cute and sweet and doing this kind of stuff ...

... she also fell right into spitting out the ugly for her turn antagonizing a bunch of school children ...

... and she looks up to no good at all in that trailer for Ridley Scott's druggy suspense-drama "The Counselor," for that matter. So, we have a feeling she'll have no trouble with all the booze-induced baddery being Miss Hannigan entails, with lines like "I love my job; it's kids I hate" and "clean the bathroom and the kitchen before lunch, my little pig droppings." Leaping lizards! It's all just so deliciously evil!

To celebrate this news, let's revisit some of Burnett's most hysterical moments as the heinous hag Hannigan, shall we?

"Annie," which will be directed by Will Gluck and produced by Will Smith and Jay-Z, aims for a holiday 2014 release.