Watch This Jonah Hill/Jennifer Lawrence Face Mashup, Have Nightmares Forever

After you've stopped screaming and vomiting and simultaneously screaming and vomiting, it's hard not to appreciate the work that went into the above video, which features the faces of Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill mashed up with Hill's voice anticlimactically talking about his entry into the acting world.

I say "anticlimactically" because there's no possible way to care about what this amorphous figure is talking about — you're simply too enraptured and horrified by the Hill/Lawrence face, specifically how well it seems to work. This is a character that could walk into a scene in any David Lynch movie without anyone batting an eye. Except the Hill/Lawrence face itself. It would probably bat both eyes as creepily as possible as it delivered a first-person monologue to the camera about putting skim milk on overcooked waffles. (The face even has kind of a Laura Dern-esque vibe about it, no? Fine.)

David, any thoughts on this development? Have you considered making Jonahfer Hillence the next star of your new movie?

Oh. Guess we'll get back to you when you're less busy then, big D. Apologies.