'Diana' Teaser Trailer: Less Piano, More Princess, Please

Filming a biopic can be a tricky thing. After all, if the subject is someone famous, everyone watching will already have their own entrenched ideas of who the person was and what the film she be like. So when you're making a biopic about one of the most famous people of the past quarter century, what do you do to avoid letting fans down?

Well, based on the first teaser trailer for "Diana," you simply don't show anything at all.

Based on true events in the life of the people's princess, "Diana" tells the tale of Princess Di's doomed romance with Dr. Hasnat Khan, a love affair that ended just before Diana's tragic death in 1997.

"Diana" also happens to star two-time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts as Diana, as well as "Lost" star Naveen Andrews as Khan (KHAAAAAAAAN!!!!!! Oh, sorry. Had to do it.). So you would think the producers might want to play that up.

Instead, though, the teaser merely gives us a series of long-range shots of... someone... being chased by paparazzi and waving to crowds while a piano, no doubt owned by Elton John (sniff), tinkles morosely. Sure, we'll probably get the meat when the full-length trailer finally arrives, but frankly we were still hoping for a little bit more out of this one. The peoples' princess, sure, but the peoples' trailer this is not.