Tom Hardy Surprises Cancer-Stricken Super Fan with Diamonds and a Date

[caption id="attachment_179706" align="alignleft" width="300"]Tom Hardy meets up with Kayleigh Duff, a cancer-stricken fan Twitter - @LadyKTB[/caption]

Turns out, Bane does have a heart.

A 23-year-old British woman named Kayleigh Duff hit the telly recently to talk about the rare and aggressive form of liver cancer she suffers from which also tragically killed her father when she was just a kid (sad face).

During that discussion, though, she happened to make mention of the fact that one of her biggest wishes was to meet Tom Hardy in person, and Charlotte Riley, Hardy's wifey-to-be, got wind of Duff's story and made that happen for her.

Yep, Riley touched base with a friend of the woman and helped arrange a meet-up between Kayleigh and Tom Hardy, and she was tickled pink by the surprise.

"I nearly died when I saw him," she told the Canterbury Times. "I was shaking. I just thought we were having a day out in London."

The friend who arranged all this with Hardy's lucky lady squeeze shared this picture of the group on Twitter (Kayleigh is on the left).

To add some icing to the already super sweet cake, Hardy and Riley also treated young Kayleigh to a diamond necklace.

The big guy knows how to treat a lady, then.