Look Closer: The 7 Coolest Movie Cinemagraphs

[caption id="attachment_92059" align="alignleft" width="300"]pulp-fiction-300 Miramax[/caption]

With fiery explosions, unruly gunfights and frenzied superhero battles becoming essential to most nights out at the movies, there's something to be said about films that can do just the opposite, communicating a wealth of information with just the slightest nuanced motion.

Cinemagraphs, which bridge the gap between static images and video by adding a tiny dose of movement to otherwise inert still shots, are a perfect vehicle for delivering a single serving of cinematic awesomeness. These seven cinemagraphs  capture some of our all-time favorite moments in film in a really cool way.

7. Animated Poster ('Pulp Fiction')


"Pulp Fiction"'s  iconic poster art is such a classic that adding nothing but a slight animation of Uma's burning cigarette brings the it new life. A moment of attention from Mia Wallace is instantly transformed into a never-ending staring contest, and she’s clearly not going to take another puff of her cig until you blink.

6. "Wendy, I'm home!" ('The Shining')

6-The Shining

Jack Torrance’s final rampage against his family in the Overlook Hotel is a masterpiece of horror, with some of the most famous moments of the entire movie occurring in horrific succession. Talk about suspense: This is the calm before the storm, GIFified.

5. "Is Trisha Here?" ('Napoleon Dynamite')


A listlessly blinking Napoleon Dynamite is left looking near-catatonic in this cinemagraph, while that convertible in the background seems to be experiencing some serious mechanical issues.

4. Bates Sits in the Hospital ('Psycho')


Just take a few moments to stare at this seemingly motionless cinemagraph. Stick with it, we’ll wait…

Ahh!  Did you see that?!

3. "Mark it Zero!" ('The Big Lebowski')


Walter’s perfectly sane and justified method of maintaining rules out on the lanes is apparently so cinemagraph-ready that it has inspired two totally different GIFs.


Let Goodman's quivering weapon serve as a warning: if cross the line, you get a zero, right in the kisser.

2. Jack Is Comforted by Robert Paulson ('Fight Club')


For those of you wondering just when Meatloaf would finally make his debut cinemagraph appearance, look no further. Some brave soul went through the trouble of immortalizing this cringe-inducing scene, granting us immense amusement at Ed Norton’s expense.

1. The Wood Chipper ('Fargo')


How could a foot gently shuddering in a wood chipper be so horrifying, yet so hilarious at the same time? This cinemagraph takes our top spot for achieving so much while doing so little. Featuring a shot from Fargo's most notorious plot point, this GIF takes everything that made the movie so great — namely, its dark comedic streak — and distills it down into this minimalist masterpiece.