'Mood Indigo' Trailer: It's Not Insane, It's Just Michel Gondry

True fact: If you were to go through a psychiatry textbook and look up all the clinical definitions of insanity, at least two thirds of the symptoms would be on full display in the new trailer for the French film "Mood Indigo." But before you start prescribing Zoloft to everyone involved in production, don't worry: It's not insanity, it's just Michel Gondry.

And the idea of a new Gondry film is pretty much the only antidepressant most film fans could ever need.

So what's "Mood Indigo" about, as if that even remotely matters? Well, Based on Boris Vian's 1947 novel "L'Ecume des Jours," the film is a romance about a couple ( Romain Duris and "Amelie's" Audrey Tautou) that fall in love, have a nice underwater wedding and then drive off in an invisible limousine. One problem: She turns out to be sick with an illness that can only be treated with tons of flowers, while he spends most of his free time working on a Willy Wonka-esque piano where each keystroke emits a different smell.

Yeah, exactly.

There's no word yet on when "Mood Indigo" will be released in America, though it will hit theaters in France on April 24. And that basically means that what little dialogue this trailer has is all in French. But whatever; frankly, after "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," we'd watch literally anything Gondry does no matter how ridiculous or French it is.

Check out the trailer, courtesy of Vulture, and see why you'd be crazy not to agree.