Video Q&A: Jake Abel and Max Irons Talk 'The Host'

Just as "The Twilight Saga" comes to an end, Stephenie Meyer's next book-to-film adaptation is getting a brand new trailer. The updated peek at "The Host" released today (see it here!) will run in theaters before "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," and we were lucky enough to chat with the two young male leads about bringing the book's unusual love story to life..

Max Irons and Jake Abel star as Jared and Ian, respectively, in the upcoming film that's already generating tons of buzz. In talking about "The Host," out March 29, Irons told NextMovie, "It's a mistake to dwell too much on the consequences of a piece of work that you're making. The best thing you can do as a group is to just try and create that world."

But who would win in a battle of werewolves, vampires and aliens?

Aliens, of course, Abel insisted. "They have the technology to destroy from a distance," he said.

Watch what the two actors had to say about their roles, and how difficult it was to get Meyer to spill details about a potential "Host" sequel.

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