Bruce Willis Destroys Everything Everywhere

[caption id="attachment_152524" align="alignleft" width="300"]Live Free or Die Hard 20th Century Fox[/caption]

No one can spread madcap property damage quite like ol' Bruce.

What's probably immediately coming to mind is all the rampant 'splosions, gunfire, shattering glass and cars falling down elevator shafts as seen in the "Die Hard" movies. Plenty of pyrotechnics to get the blood boiling, for sure.

However, let's not also forget that Bruce blew/shot things up with reckless abandon in the likes of "Armageddon," "Last Man Standing," "Mercury Rising" (remember that one?) and even "Hudson Hawk" (we know you remember that one) ... and many, many others as well. So many others ... so much destruction.

So cool.

Check out perhaps the loudest supercuts ever created, courtesy of the action junkies at Slacktory (and thanks to Vulture for the find). And why not top it off with a mashup of Bruce taking a break from all the kablooey to pause and look confused?