Nicole Kidman Is One Scary Mama in the 'Stoker' Trailer

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A lot of horror movies come out around this time of year and most of them try to use some kind of gimmick to produce scares. You know, the video tape is haunted! The little girl is actually Satan! The guy kills people with ridiculously complicated Rube Goldberg machines! Whatever.

Every once in a while, though, something comes out that is legitimately scary, like the brand new trailer for "Stoker." And its secret?

That the scariest thing of all is often your own family.

Especially when that family is anchored by a truly disturbing Nicole Kidman, who, in "Stoker," plays the recently widowed mother of an equally disturbed teenage daughter (Mia Wasikowska). When the dead dad's long lost brother (Matthew Goode) suddenly shows up to "comfort" the family, questions begin to surface even as bodies begin to be buried. It's all really, really demented.

And that's what makes it so cool. Directed by "Oldboy" auteur Park Chan-wook, "Stoker" is set to hit theaters next spring. But you can experience your first chill right now with the new trailer, courtesy of The Film Stage.