Before They Were Famous: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on 'Family Ties'

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In his new film, "Premium Rush," which hits theaters this weekend, Joseph Gordon-Levitt goes on an adrenaline-induced bike ride as a messenger delivering more than just any ordinary package. Playing Nick Emery, the actor takes to the streets of NYC on a wild chase around Manhattan when he picks up an envelope of valuable interest to one of the city's dirty cops.

But before he was everyone's favorite Joe, Gordon-Levitt started his career in television.

He had a recurring role on a few shows: the small screen version of "Dark Shadows" as David Collins/Daniel, "The Powers That Be" as Pierce Van Horne, and on "Roseanne" as George, a talkative kid that manages to annoy everyone. He later found fame starring as a teenage alien (who was part of a very human-looking family) in "3rd Rock From the Sun."

It's really his appearance on the popular '80s sitcom "Family Ties," though, that we can't get over. At 7 years old, a pint-sized JGL had a two-episode stint playing quite the little meanie. After bullying a classmate and really pissing off the youngest of the Keaton clan, Andy, by calling his deaf friend a "stupid head," a kiddie brawl ensues that requires serious parental intervention. Check out his scenes in this clip: