Video Q&A: Jessica Biel on the Etiquette of Smacking Kate Beckinsale Around

After roles in movies like "Blade: Trinity" and the remake of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," it's safe to say Jessica Biel was well prepared for the physical challenges of "Total Recall," in which she plays the rebel agent Melina.

"It is relentless," she says of the pacing of the remake of 1990's "Total Recall." "It's like a bullet train that you jump on and can't get off."

In the movie, Biel and Colin Farrell are pursued by Kate Beckinsale, a woman with a Terminator-like singular mission to eliminate them. One battle scene between Beckinsale and Biel in an elevator car is particularly brutal.

"We were very polite about this fight, for sure," says Biel. "We would be ripping each other's throats out and then, the second Len [Wiseman] called cut, we were immediately apologizing. 'Did I get you? Are you OK? I think I caught your hair. Oh my God, thank goodness!' It was very funny."

See if Biel gets the better of Beckinsale in this ultimate action-heroine face-off when "Total Recall" opens in theaters on Aug. 3.

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