Video Q&A: Colin Farrell on Putting His Privates in Harm's Way

"Total Recall" is Colin Farrell's second movie — the first being "Minority Report" — that is based on the writings of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick.

"The hover cars and the way they travel up buildings is very similar [to 'Minority Report']," says Farrell. "I feel bits of Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis' and 'Blade Runner.'"

There's also some dizzying action in this remake of the 1990 "Total Recall," and Farrell put his privates on the line during an anti-gravity scene that required him to be suspended on wires.

"My balls were getting pinched, I was getting welts on my ass and the blood was rushing to my face because I was hanging upside down for 20 minutes," says Farrell. "You're supposed to look like you have some semblance of control and calm, but you're struggling."

See for yourself if Farrell hides the hurt when "Total Recall" opens in theaters on August 3.

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