Q&A: Lynn Collins Brings Otherworldly Insight (and Beauty) to 'John Carter'

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Taylor Kitsch isn't the only long-haired looker in Disney's mega-budget sci-fi flick, "John Carter."

Lynn Collins has the locks – and the killer bod – to match the former "Friday Night Lights" star as she takes on ass-kicking Martian princess Dejah Thoris.

Of course none of that really happens naturally. Collins had to train to show off her sleek physique in some crazy-revealing costumes and had to tan daily to turn her pale white skin to a crisp, golden tan. Alien, indeed.

Thankfully, the fighting was a little less foreign for Collins, who has a black belt in karate and experience with various weapons, including samurai swords. Still, there was plenty about taking on such a major role that made the actress nervous.

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How did you feel when you first saw the skin-baring costumes you'd be wearing for this movie?

The first thing I thought was "How am I going to get in it?" and "How am I going to fight in it?" [The filmmakers] had choreographed these fights where literally, I'm backwards fighting with two swords and turning around [over my shoulder]. I was like, "I'm not going to be able to do any of that – I'm going to pop out!" They said they'd rather keep the costumes than change the fight entirely, so they would change it as much as they could to make the costumes work. Mayes Rubeo is who did them – she is a genius! They were amazing.

So what did you do to prepare your body for those costumes?

I had to start boxing because boxing is how you put on the most weight … Because I was a gymnast and I know karate, my body has good muscle memory and I was pretty jacked right away.

When we got to Utah, they asked me if I wanted my trainer to come with me. I said no, and I just let it go … I was just like, my body is going to be where it is naturally without me forcing, without me stressing, without me being neurotic. I had a little prayer to let me look the way I'm supposed to look, and everything chilled out. Generally how I approached the whole situation was very spiritual. It had to be – it was too much work to do on your own.

Are you ready to see women of all shapes and sizes try to rock your look at Comic-Cons around the world?

That is going to be hilarious. It has the tummy out of all of 'em. It's going to be crazy.

I want women of every creed, shape, color, size, age to watch this movie and go "Ohhh yes! I can be that strong. I can be that woman. I can be that smart, and I can be that forthright and I can have my opinion." And I want every man and boy to say, "I want to support a woman like that! I want to love a woman like that. I want to be with a woman like that." That's my hope. So, that means everybody can wear the costume!

Were you able to relate to Dejah Thoris on any sort of personal level?

I will always hold on to the fighting part of her, that power she had, really gave me a leap in my own evolution. I was very shy, especially in situations like this, and once you jump off buildings and wield a sword, there's just something else that happens. I'm so grateful for the experience.

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We heard you socked someone pretty hard during your screen test. How did they take it?

I had to hit [the guys auditioning for John Carter] on the spot. And Taylor was like, go for it, so I was like, fine, I will for everybody. Not a good idea. There was a guy – and I can't tell you his name, I had done a movie with him – and he no longer speaks to me because of that screen test.

Are you finding that people think you're British because you keep doing accents?

Yeah! It's really weird. I'm from Texas! And I don't know how it happened or where it comes from. I mean, I dated one British guy, but that's not enough for this.

Being from Texas, did you and Taylor talk much about "Friday Night Lights"?

We talked more about his house. We don't talk much about work, but we talked about life, him living in Austin, and I love Austin. I'm trying to help him with his house.

The movie ends with Dejah waiting for years for John Carter to return to Mars. Would you ever wait that long for a man?

I would say, if my lover left unexpectedly with no reason, I would wait like Woola.

See Lynn and her co-stars hit the red carpet at the "John Carter" premiere.