Infographic Provides Crazy Nicolas Cage 101

[caption id="attachment_22709" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Nicolas Cage[/caption]

With a slew of wackadoo performances and even loopier personal life, Academy Award-winner/dinosaur bones owner Nicolas Cage's legacy as a world class eccentric is pretty secure, but every once in awhile you need to be reminded of just how awesomely loony he is.

MTV Clutch has you covered with an infographic featuring all the crazy Cage you crave.

Turns out the man who was famously stung-to-death by bees in "The Wicker Man" is clearly one of the most fascinating basket cases on Earth, as evidenced by smoking mushrooms with his cat, having teeth surgically removed for a role, or the fact that he is an immortal vampire.

As you might imagine, the infographic wasn't big enough to hold certain gold nuggets of the Nicolas Cage lifestyle, including naming his son Kal-El (as our Planet Fanboy columnist declared earlier, Cage is a super geek) or the two haunted houses he bought in New Orleans 12-minutes away from each other. Expect an "Annex Of Cage Craziness" graphic soon.

See the full infographic at MTV Clutch.