Raven And Chelsea’s Antics For 'That's So Raven 2' Have Already Begun

Proof nothing has changed in the nine years since the show ended

Great things in life come in twos: Batman and Robin, coffee and cream, and Raven Baxter and Chelsea Daniels.

A week after announcing Anneliese van der Pol would be reprising her role in the That's So Raven sequel series, she and real-life BFF Raven-Symoné are back to being the goofballs we know, love, and have desperately missed.

On Tuesday (November 22), van der Pol shared a nostalgia-inducing video on Instagram of her and Symoné rocking out to “Black or White” by Michael Jackson. “Can you see a 2017 #VMAs nomination in our future!!???” van der Pol captioned.

The upcoming Disney Channel series, tentatively titled That's So Raven 2, will feature Chelsea and her son moving in with Raven and her two kids — one of whom is psychic like her mom. If the above video is any indication, we don't need to see the future to know shenanigans will definitely ensue in a Baxter and Daniels household. Hurry up, Disney, and reunite these besties on our TV screens again!

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