Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images

Grimes Had The Best Response After Getting Electrocuted Mid-Concert

She probably has mutant powers now, NBD

Seeing Grimes live can usually be described as “electrifying” thanks to her hard-hitting synth-pop jams, but her most recent performance took that term a little too literally.

While headlining a show at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on Tuesday night, Grimes was electrocuted several times after her audio equipment scarily malfunctioned. She reportedly had to stop multiple songs partway through, but powered through the gig like a champ.

In a fan-shot video, you can see one of the moments when the “Kill V. Maim” singer appears to have been shocked through her ear piece.

After the show, Grimes apologized for the technical difficulties in a now-deleted tweet, writing, “Dublin! 1 mil apologies that my pedal failed and I was electrocuted, but there r tears in my eyes that y'all were so so wonderful.”

She also posted a lengthy note on Instagram, explaining that no one’s to blame for the technical difficulties (except maybe “an angry ghost”).

“Hey! just wanna apologize to the Olympia theatre that I originally thought they were responsible for the electrical issues at last nights show,” she wrote. “We’ve triple checked everything and haven’t yet discovered what the issue was. The Irish promoters were nothing but lovely and I don’t want them to take the blame for something that was most likely on our end. I also want to reiterate that everyone on my team and especially my audio guys did everything they could without stopping the show, but it was some kind of an issue w the vocal channel so even whilst bypassing the pedal I was getting gunshots through the vocal channel into my monitors. Perhaps an angry ghost.”

Grimes went on to explain that the issue was “out of everyone’s control,” and further thanked fans for singing “Happy Birthday” to her ahead of her 28th birthday on Thursday. “I cannot reiterate how grateful I am to y’all for letting us trouble shoot between songs and for singing me happy bday and being all around jovial. Xxxxx,” she wrote.

The Art Angels singer also showed off her sense of humor by sharing a screenshot of Frank Grimes from The Simpsons, writing, “appreciating every1 who tweeted this at me today haha. Thank u thank u Dublin for being sweet and kind.”

Luckily for Irish fans, Grimes says she definitely wants to come back to do a proper gig -- and next time, she might even have super mutant powers.