That Walking Dead Couple -- You Know The One -- Is Finally Official

The era of Richonne is upon us.

The Walking Dead isn't known for its great love stories. Outside of Glenn and Maggie's relationship and some innocent flirtation between Daryl and Beth, the show hasn't focused on its main characters' love lives since Season 2's Rick/Lori/Shane triangle. (And we all know what a headache that was for everyone involved, including us.)

However, during last night's episode of The Walking Dead ("The Next World"), Rick and Michonne practically tore each other's clothes off in a fit of uninhibited passion. Yep, after months of sexual tension, Richonne totally boned, and it was glorious -- not to mention long overdue. Swoon.

Rejoice, Richonne shippers! Your OTP is finally cannon.

Dare we say it was actually one of the nihilistic show's happier moments. The chemistry between Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira is palpable and exciting.

What's great here is that Richonne doesn't feel like fan service from the writers' room. Rick and Michonne have spent seasons orbiting around one another, adding to their slow, simmering burn. This felt fully earned, and it also makes a lot of sense. It feels natural to have Rick and Michonne, two of the strongest characters on the series, hook up after a long day of zombie killing and supply runs. She's the only one who can stand up to his bullshit, and frankly, that's sexy as hell.

Now, this is The Walking Dead we're talking about, so there's a pretty big chance that Rick and Michonne's sexy fun times will be short-lived. But who cares. For one night, Rick and Michonne has some semblance of a life worth living—and worth fighting for -- and that makes all the difference in the zombie apocalypse.