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Why Jack Hunter From Boy Meets World Will Always Be My Fave

Happy Birthday, Matthew Lawrence!

Growing up, I watched Boy Meets World religiously. It's one of the first live-action TV shows I can remember becoming emotionally involved with, because it just "got it." Boy Meets World didn't talk down to its young audience, but instead made us feel included. And while Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence, whose birthday is today, February 11) didn't join the show until Season 5, he quickly stole my pre-teen heart.

Jack seemed to have it all: he was rich, good looking, smart, funny, and charming. He liked to have fun and goof off, but he also had a sensitive side. Basically, he wasn't a one-sided character — not that the other characters were, of course, but there was just something about him that made me swoon.

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For starters, Jack was loyal to Shawn (Rider Strong) after they reconnected and desperately wanted his long-lost half-brother in his life. Growing up as an only child, I occasionally wanted a sibling, so I could relate to Jack's hopefulness at getting in touch with Shawn. Furthermore, Jack's bromance with Eric (Will Friedle) easily rivals that of Cory (Ben Savage) and Shawn's, in my opinion. While I loved the Cory and Shawn bromance, I still enjoyed watching Jack and Eric's antics more.

I feel like Jack gets brushed off by many as just the rich, pretty boy who's there for some extra eye candy — hearing the studio audience shriek after seeing Jack's abs doesn't help my case, but whatever — but he was also an important part of squad. Remember when Jack tried to get Shawn to quit drinking, because he didn't want him to turn into their drunk father?

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And what about Eric? Jack was there for Eric when Cory was too busy with Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and Shawn to hang out with his big bro. Part of Eric's energy fed off of Jack's presence, and Eric's outgoing personality is what made audiences love him.

Jack was also the Sass Master. Seriously, Lawrence delivered so many great lines with a deadpanned face. I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor as well, and anytime Jack had to school Eric in something, I died laughing. Personally, the main trait I look for in a guy is humor, and I always laughed with Jack.

And let's be real here for a moment. Whenever Jack flashed that smile, how could your heart not melt? And your melted heart didn't get any help from his endearing demeanor, which was such a breath of fresh air from all of Shawn's angsty brooding. (Sorry, Shawn.)

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To put it bluntly, Jack was the whole package. He could make you laugh, melt your heart, and be there for you when you needed him most; all strong qualities to have, and ones that are sadly hard to find in a lot of people. He was multi-dimensional and an important addition to the Boy Meets World group. Jack Hunter will always be my fave — even when he dressed up as woman that one time and pretended his name was Lala Nelson.