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This 'Friends' Reunion Pic Proves They're Still There For You

Let the clapping begin.

After the internet lost its collective sh-t about the "Friends" cast reuniting 12 years later, we're finally getting to see snippets of the reunion in action.

While filming the two-hour special honoring veteran director James Burrow, several TV casts from past and present attended the celebration, including actors from "Friends" and "The Big Bang Theory." On Monday (Jan. 25), "TBBT" star Kaley Cuoco shared a cute pic of the two sitcom casts hanging out together.

"Ummmm NIGHT MADE. Can't breathe #friends meets #bbt @bigbangtheory_cbs I died and went to heaven," joked Cuoco. Five out of the six "Friends" cast members were present, while Matthew Perry was in London destroying dreams rehearsing for his upcoming play, "The End of Longing." However, he's filming a pre-recorded message to be included during the taping. Hey, it's better than no Chandler Bing at all.

But as excited as fans were to hear a "Friends" reunion was happening, many were bummed it wasn't an actual reunion, with the actors reprising their roles and picking up where they left off, not to mention Perry's absence.

David Schwimmer (Ross Geller) told E! News, "I wish I could say it was going to be a reunion...[but it's a] 5/6 reunion." Of course, Schwimmer was bummed his buddy Perry wouldn't be able to make it, but he completely understood why. "Sure I'm sad, but I'm happy for him. He's doing a play in London and it's thrilling...I did one there and it was fantastic."

But in all honesty, we'll take a 5/6 reunion over a 0/6 reunion any day of the week.