Iran Frees 10 U.S. Sailors Who Drifted Into Enemy Waters

Obama calls for war on cancer in final SOTU address and a deadly suicide attack on Pakistani polio center.

The 10 Navy Sailors Were Detained On Tuesday

After a tense day, Iran released the sailors on Wednesday morning (Jan. 13) with no indication that they'd been harmed while in custody. The 9 men and one woman were held and questioned at an Iranian base in the Persian Gulf after being detained on Tuesday for drifting into the country's territorial waters due to what both sides called "mechanical troubles" suffered by the navigational system on their boats; nevertheless, Iranian officials have demanded the U.S. apologize for the "encroachment." The incident came amid a tense time in U.S./Iranian relations, just weeks after Iran launched a rocket test near U.S. warships in late December and just days before the nuclear deal between Iran and a group of world powers is expected to go into force.

President Obama Vows 'Moonshot' On Cancer In Final 'State Of The Union' Address

In his final prime-time SOTU on Tuesday night, Obama steered clear of making big new policy provision, took a few slight swipes at Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and promised to put VP Joe Biden in charge of a major initiative to cure cancer. He also took credit for bringing the U.S. out of a near-fatal Great Recession, boasted of reaching out to Iran and Cuba, highlighted the Affordable Care Act, a landmark climate agreement, killing Osama bin Laden and overseeing the passage of marriage equality.

Deadly Suicide Attack on Pakistani Polio Center

15 people were killed on Wednesday morning when a suicide bomber attacked a polio vaccination center in the southwestern city of Quetta in Pakistan. The majority of the dead (13) were police who had gathered to escort health workers en route to local neighborhoods as part of a three-day immunization campaign aimed at children under five. Also killed was a soldier and a civilian, with 23 people wounded in the latest attack on the health workers by Islamic militant group Jundullah (Army of God), who've accused the medical teams of being U.S. spies.

Quick Take - Police Accidentally Shoot 12-Year-Old: Ciara Meyer, 12, was accidentally shot and killed by a Pennsylvania constable on Monday while he was serving an eviction order on Ciara's father. Donald Meyer, who was allegedly holding a loaded rifle aimed at the officer, was grazed by the bullet, which then fatally struck his daughter. Donald Meyer was charged with aggravated and simple assault, terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person. Ciara is the 21st person and the first child to be killed by law enforcement in 2016 according to the Guardian's ongoing tally.

Update - Cop Selfie Snapper Arrested: Donald "Chip" Pugh is going to get another chance for a handsome mugshot after Lima, Ohio, police arrested him Tuesday morning in Century, Florida, on an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court on a DUI charge. Pugh, you might recall, taunted the Lima cops by posting a selfie after complaining that the mugshot police had distributed of him was "terrible."

Powerball Push: By this time tomorrow morning we'll know if anyone scored the winning ticket in tonight's record Powerball drawing. At press time it was at $1.5 billion, though experts said it could increase before Wednesday night's balls drop. While your chances of winning are pretty slim, experts say that 80 percent of the 292.2 million number combinations will have been purchased before the drawing. The winner cold take the whole jackpot in annual installments over 29 years or a one-time $930 million payout, before taxes.