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Do You Know Your 'Desirability Number'? Because Tinder Does

Would you want your own number?

Most people are well aware of the number of successful Tinder dates they've been on. (It's easy to remember an amount that you can count on one hand.) Apparently, however, each Tinder user also has another secret number that reflects their "desirability."

According to Fast Company, representatives at Tinder have acknowledged that they use an algorithm to determine users' "Elo scores," which are essentially rankings of their allure on the app.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad, who confirmed to Fast Company that such a scoring system exists, explained that the score is not exclusively a mark of a user's hotness -- although it is determined by how often a person is swiped right on. In other words, that sweet inspirational quote you have on there ~might~ be part of what makes you so desirable.

The company uses its Elo scores to help make sure that users are being paired up with their best possible matches. This is a fair enough point, we suppose, but it's still a little unsettling to know that we have some score out there associated with how "swipable" we are. Almost as unsettling as that dude who's posing with a crocodile in multiple pictures. Seriously. What the Elo is that about?

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