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Want More Tinder Matches? Here's What To Wear In Your Profile Pics

Dating is never black and white, so stop wearing it.

In the age of dating apps, how we chose mates seems simple. The reality is it's just as complicated of a process as it was in the old days (if not more). Take, for instance, your outfit in profile pictures. According to a new Tinder study obtained by Mashable, the problem with what you're wearing is that everyone else is also wearing it.

The study, which looked at 12,000 profile photos of male and female users between the ages of 18–40, found that an overwhelming majority of swipers opt to wear neutral colors in the profile pictures. Specifically, 72% of men and 56.2% of women shy away from bright colors and blend in as a consequence.

"While the type of clothing an individual wears is not directly associated with being liked or not, clothing is one factor in creating the portrait of who a person is," Jessica Carbino, a sociologist for Tinder, told Mashable. "Given that the vast majority of users are wearing neutral colors, individuals who want to make a splash should wear a vibrant color."

Other findings that may help set yourself apart include that 21.7% of women wear dresses in their primary photos and 32.8% of men wear long-sleeve button downs, so consider mixing this up as well. At the very least, save the earthy tones for the office and try to find an outfit that will give suitors a sense of your personality, which hopefully isn't too gray.

H/T Mashable