'Star Wars' Actor John Boyega Was A Stock Image Model — Yes, Really

No one can escape their past.

It's a tale as old as celebrity itself. Once you become famous, all sorts of embarrassing, unsavory images from your past start cropping up to haunt you. No one is immune. "Star Wars'" John Boyega learned this humbling lesson when images from a photo shoot resurfaced online.

Yes, that's right. Finn, our heroic ex-Stormtrooper, was a stock image model. You know, stock images. The kind of pictures you see of random women smiling while they eat yogurt or a diverse workforce in an office setting. Like this:

Chris Schmidt/Getty Images

Oh yes. Our boy Boyega was quite the stock model. Here he is relaxing outdoors with friends. What a cardigan.

Chris Schmidt/Getty Images

And here he is, slightly blurry, standing in line.

Chris Schmidt/Getty Images

But it all worked out. Now Boyega's a part of the record-smashing "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and he got a new pair of kicks out of the gig.