Miss Colombia Totally Burned Steve Harvey At The People's Choice Awards

Miss Communication.

When Steve Harvey made the Miss Universe blunder-of-a-lifetime, it launched a thousand tweets, memes and articles.

People speculated wildly about how Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, reacted after having the crown taken from her due to what Harvey called a "teleprompter" error -- including saying that she took her own life. #absurd

If you take a look at yesterday's clip from the People's Choice Awards, that clearly isn't the case.

In a hilarious bit led by host Jane Lynch, actor Thomas Lennon is awarded with a special People's Choice Award for ... never receiving one before. (Just go with it.) He ascends to the stage to accept his honor and is in the middle of a heartfelt speech when Lynch realizes she called the wrong name -- the real winner is Miss Colombia!

Good for Gutierrez, not-so-good for Lennon. Lynch, in a further burn to Harvey, makes several excuses such as she "didn't make it to rehearsal" and she "read the card wrong." ???

Watch the full sketch below.