'The Shannara Chronicles': 7 Reasons Allanon Should Have Gone On The Mission To Save The Four Lands

Amberle, Wil and Eretria just left the all-mighty druid behind.

Armed with her late father's sword -- bestowed upon her by King Eventine -- Amberle finally began her journey to Safehold on this week's "The Shannara Chronicles" along with Wil and Eretria. But alas, the princess left without one of her greatest, most valuable assets: Allanon.

All together now: "SERIOUSLY?"

"[He] wasn't in my vision," Amberle said, referring to the premonition she'd had of just her, Wil and Eretria traveling together and explaining why Allanon had to be left behind.

But will the princess be able to complete her mission to save the Ellcrys -- and all of the Four Lands -- without him? TBH, we're a little worried. Here are the top seven reasons we really, really wish Allanon were along for the ride:

  1. He already saved Amberle once.

    He wasn't able to stop that screeching demon from positively massacring poor Aunt Pyria, but when it attacked the princess, a really PO'd Allanon managed to chop off its arm and its head. RIP, screeching demon. And RIP Aunt Pyria (insert sad face here).

  2. Make that twice.

    Wil shielded the princess (and everyone else) when another demon attacked the rover grounds, but guess who saved her hide yet again when Cephelo nearly choked the life out of her? Allanon, that's who.

  3. Make that thrice.

    On this week's episode, the Changeling morphed into Wil and almost sliced Amberle in half -- until our favorite druid broke its freakin' neck.

  4. He knows absolutely everything.

    When the Chosen were found dead, Allanon immediately knew it was the work of the Dagda Mor -- plus he figured out that the Changeling (and not Amberle) had killed Loren. Just call it "CSI: Four Lands Edition."

  5. He can read minds (and that could come in handy).

    So far, Allanon has picked the brain of just about everyone, but our favorite mind-reading moment was when he invaded Wil's thoughts and discovered that the half-human, half-elf had done the deed with Eretria. #busted

  6. He's comforting when he needs to be.

    When Bandon denounced his seer powers and proclaimed that "seeing death is no gift," Allanon begged to differ. "You don't just see death -- you see possibilities," he said gently. "Your parents didn't understand that, but I do." Group hug!

  7. He's basically invincible.

    Allanon was seriously wounded after battling the demon in Wing Hove, but after being brought to the druid cave, he stood up and magically healed his own wounds. Now that's bad-ass.

Do you think Amberle, Wil and Eretria can complete their mission without the help of Allanon? Head to the comments to discuss, and be sure to catch "The Shannara Chronicles" Tuesday at 10/9c!