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Taylor Swift 'Suffered For Her Art' While Filming 'Out Of The Woods'

Director Joseph Kahn revealed behind-the-scenes secrets on Twitter.

Taylor Swift is no stranger to suffering -- at least in her music videos. The brand new vid for "Out of the Woods" is no different. Except that instead of enduring romantic heartbreak and CG explosions on screen, this time Taylor had to get down and dirty IRL.

On Friday, Jan. 1, "OOTW" director Joseph Kahn pulled back the curtain on the making of the video, calling Swift a "badass" that "suffered for her art."

Kahn also posted some pretty amazing pictures of the "OOTW" scenery. You know, sans wolves.

But Taylor's not the only one suffering for Kahn. His adorable mom is catching the brunt of having a busy son, who's off directing insane music videos for megastars.