'Faking It' PDA: Was Karmy's Wet 'N Wild Kiss For Real?

You're playing with our hearts, ladies!

Karma and Amy shared a wet 'n wild moment after all the post-promageddon drama during tonight's “Faking It" episode -- but what the heck does that drunken lip-lock mean?

Just last week, the girls had been quarreling. Their journey to this week's smooches began on the heels of K's supposed threesome with Shane and Wade -- and A's admission that she was sorry. However, instead of asking for forgiveness for judging Karma's sexual choices, she apologized for assuming she'd go through with it -- since Amy presumed her longtime pal was "not that kind of girl." Unfortunately for Amy, Karma was less than pleased with the aforementioned statement.

"Coffee and slut-shaming is such a nice way to start the day," Karma snapped back. Eek!

Later, at Amy and step-sister Lauren's impromptu house party, Karma set out to prove a point to her bestie about just what "kind of girl" she is and started letting loose -- too loose. After dancing on a table in a pretty translucent top (NAGL), A confronted K for her behavior -- which was when Karma starting drinking from a funnel by the pool. As you can imagine...pool + drinking + Karma = SPLASH.

Amy dived in after her to make sure she was okay (she was, BLESS) and pushed her to really patch things up this time. But in order to move on from the scuffle, Karma had to explain her recent antics.

"You're moving on, and so is Liam...and I'm still here. Sad, lonely, homeless Karma -- and I didn't want to be her anymore." When K finally came clean about why she'd been faking the bad-girl act, they made up...and then they made out. Oh, and the entire party saw the PDA moment.

But what does it all mean? Was it another attempt at getting attention? Does Karma suddenly have feelings for Amy? And if she doesn't, how will Amy react to her lifelong comrade playing with her emotions again? Hit the comments and let us know if you think there's truly something between Karmy, and keep watching “Faking It,” every Monday night at 9:30/8:30c!

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