Which 'Battle Of The Exes 2' Pair Will Be The Next 'Challenge' Champs?

No matter what, two first-time winners will be crowned!

There's no telling which remaining "Battle of the Exes 2" team will win the game's final competition in Norway, but this much is for certain: By this time next week, two people who have never won a "Challenge" will hold gold medals.

On tonight's episode, Sarah, who caused quite a stir with her eleventh-hour power vote last week, was forced to reap what she sowed when Johnny and Nia came down hard on the "Real World: Brooklyn" alum for what they perceived as a cowardly move. Unfortunately, Sarah's teammate Jordan caught some flak by association, and Nia went as far as to touch him inappropriately and hurl gay slurs his way.


In the moment, Nia was happy to have blown off some steam, but the tirade ultimately did her in: After some careful consideration, production sent her packing, and Leroy was left without a partner.

Thankfully, though, Leroy didn't have just one ex on "Exes"...he had two. And just as soon as Theresa was knocked out of the game with Wes, she was thrust right back into it in time to compete alongside Leroy against Johnny and Nany in the game's final Dome: one last "X-Battle."

"Leroy's stock just went through the roof, because he got rid of a donkey and replaced it with a race horse," Johnny observed.

And, after a relatively quick battle, Theresa validated Johnny's words, as she and Leroy smoked Johnny and Nany and sent the "EX-iled" winners packing...again.

Now, only three teams remain to fight it out for the grand prize: rookies Jay and Jenna, who are out to prove that they're not just the game's "layups"; vets Jordan and Sarah, who have both come up short in finals before and are finally ready to go the distance; and odd couple Leroy and Theresa, who have only hours to drum up some team chemistry before the big dance gets underway. THIS IS GONNA BE ONE FOR THE BOOKS, FOLKS!

So...who will it be? Tell us what you thought of tonight's events, place your bets and see who comes out on top next Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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