The 'American Horror Story: Cult' Trailer Is Here And Evan Peters Fans Will Not Be Happy

Twisty the Clown is back too!!!

Over the years, Evan Peters has been saddled with some truly problematic American Horror Story characters, from school shooter Tate to serial killer James March. But his character in the forthcoming installment of the FX horror anthology puts them all to shame.

In AHS: Cult, Peters plays Kai, a deranged a Donald Trump supporter — or at least that's what a crucial scene in the newly released Season 7 trailer leads us to believe. (He literally humps his TV screen to the news of Trump's victory on election night. We will never unsee this.) Well, we were warned that this would be Peters's "heaviest season yet."

American Horror Story: Cult really did that.

Creator Ryan Murphy previously teased that Kai and Sarah Paulson's character Ally are a "love story for the ages" in Cult, but this trailer says otherwise. For starters, she had the opposite reaction on election night. Ally's agoraphobia hits an all-time high after Trump's presidential win. (She's not the only one.) "Since election night, it has all been getting so much worse," Ally tells her therapist, played by Cheyenne Jackson.

She then starts to believe that she's being followed by creepy clowns everywhere she goes, but no one seems to believe her, not even her partner (Allison Pill). Either the clowns are symbolic of our collective anxiety or something terribly wrong is going down.

Meanwhile, Billie Lourd's character Winter Anderson is up to no good. It looks as though she's trying to recruit Kai for something, possibly that clown cult. Is Winter the leader of the cult? Or is she simply in charge of recruiting? Whatever it is she's doing, we definitely don't trust her around Ally's son. AHS doesn't have a good track history of keeping kids alive.

American Horror Story: Cult premieres September 5 on FX.