Skinny Friedman's (.Y.)

Skinny Friedman, part co-founder of Young Robots dance-imprint and one-half of DJ-duo Philadelphyinz, is well-known for his unabashed love for southern rap and, well, pretty much anything that urges dance-floor revelers to drop it low. Bass, bounce, and suggestively delivered rap hooks act as the commanding figures of this high-energy party mix, conveniently titled after a woman's chest. Friedman showcases his own moombahton remixes ("House Party," Freaky Franz's "Karl Malone," Mannie Fresh's "Pussy Power") before going into a gloriously gritty bounce set. Even the bounce varies in slant; club-inflected street bounce, Spank Rock's New Wave banger "Hot Potato," and NoLA stalwart Master P all play into mix, as do pop contributions from Rihanna and Havana Brown. As a whole, this mix plays kind of like the "partytime" playlist on your ipod, but with the technical prowess and discerning taste that only a DJ could contribute. And that makes it way more fun. [Download here.]

( . Y . ) by Skinny Friedman

Drake + Lil Wayne + Tiga, "The Motto (Remix)"

Meek Mill, "House Party (Skinny Friedman Remix)"

Tyga, "Rack City (Grandtheft Remix)"

Freaky Franz, "Karl Malone (Skinny Friedman Remix)"

Mac + Master P, "Soulja Party"

Hot Boyz, "I Need a Hot Girl"

Mannie Fresh, "Pussy Power (Skinny Friedman Remix)"

Jay Z + Kanye West, "N*****s In Paris (Willy Joy Remix)"

Cassius Slay, "Like That"

Kanye West, "Get Em High (gLAdiator Remix)"

Jay Fay, "$$ OOPS $$"

DJ Unk + Young Joc, "Don't Hide That"

Treday99, "Booty Like A Magnet"

Wale, "Slight Work"

Spank Rock, "Hot Potato"

Master P + Weebie, "Ooohweeee"

Lieders of the New School + Prince Zimboo, "Ultimate Love"

Kraftwork, "Music Nonstop (Skinny Friedman Remix)"

DJ Funeral, "Bounce Dat"

T.I., "Hurt"

Rihanna, "Cockiness"

Clicks & Whistles, "Neva Get Caught (Starks & Nacey Remix)

Jantsen, "Let's Get Ill"

Havana Brown, "Run the Night (Proper Villains Remix)"

Juicy J + 2chainz , "Zip and a Double Cup (Remix)"