The Haunting Ambiance of CFCF's Night Bus II

Montreal's Mike Silver, a.k.a. CFCF, has a knack for subtly mixing catchy pop affectations into bedroom ambiance. With a combination of swelling synths, balearic beats and simple keyboard melodies, the producer's work often makes for excellent story-telling. The most obvious example is his River EP --  released early in 2011, it takes inspiration from Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo -- a film about a determined man who has to lug a riverboat up a mountain in order to build an opera house in the jungles of Peru. Silver built a parallel landscape that begins and ends with ambient pop. At the climax, we're sure we're listening to fuzzy, guitar-shredding '70s rock.

Silver uses a similar approach for his Night Bus mixes. He's accomplished nothing if not making us feel like we are, in fact, on a bus, in the dead hours of the night. Or perhaps on an endless, desolate highway en route to something from our past. Either way, on Night Bus II, he continues to dive deeper into bedroom-pop constructions. For example, the slow and haunting ambient stylings of Fever Ray's "Keep The Streets Empty,"oozes from an A$AP Rocky/Oneohtrix blend. Later on, IDM kings Autechre find solace with Alicia Keys, rounding out this diverse, sultry affair. It's recommended you listen to this mix in your headphones during your next evening stroll through the city. We promise you'll see things a little bit differently.

cfcf -Night-Bus-II by Bummer Bit

Here is the tracklist for Night Bus II:

1. Vangelis, "Wait For Me Intro"

2. Eurythmics, "This City Never Sleeps"

3. Jhene Aiko, "Stranger"

4. ASAP Rocky/Oneohtrix Point Never, "Demons/Behind the Bank"

5. Fever Ray, "Keep the Streets Empty"

6. Beaumont/Cassie, "Aventurescence/Addiction"

7.  Elite Gymnastics/Notorious BIG, "Here in Heaven/One More Chance"

8. D’eon, "Tongues"

9. Underworld/Meek Mill, "Sappy Curry/Body Count"

10. Autechre/Alicia Keys, "Lowride/Unthinkable"