Nadastrom’s El Baile Diabluma

Since their inception in 2008, L.A.-via-D.C.'s Nadastrom have been overwhelmingly successful at making their own version of genre-sampling club music. Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom's diverse musical backgrounds probably have something to do with it: Nada is an ex-hardcore guitarist with a DJ background in club music while Nordstrom has a Grammy nomination under his belt for production and engineering work with artists on the Global Underground roster. It's made for an interesting dynamic -- the pair's own high-energy dance creations and DJ sets cover a mix of tech-house, bass, Baltimore club, and in the past two years, moombahton.

Moombahton is a homegrown genre of Nada's own creation. It's essentially a reggaeton-meets-house take on dance music and is limited to not much more than a loose tempo range, about 108-115 beats per minute. As a result, it's become a versatile way for DJs to segue between house music and dancehall, hip-hop, soul, funk and pretty much anything else you can think of. Tastemakers like BBC radio's Toddla T, Laidback Luke, Diplo, Skrillex, and DJ Chuckie quickly cosigned the trend and, as a result, it's likely that you'll hear some version of moombahton on hip dancefloors all over. For more info, see Hive's primer to moombahton.

Despite the rapidly growing number of moombahton producers, Nadastrom remain as the movement's strongest asset. After putting out several EPs of remixes and sample-based production, the duo have finally unveiled El Baile Diabluma, their first release of fully original material. The title comes from an Ecuadoran mythical creature that breaks into people's homes during Carnivale. It causes mayhem and dances around until you bribe it to leave with alcohol. It's a fitting name for the mixtape, which is an expertly crafted set of tracks that will likely make you want to rage yourself. The six tracks feature guest appearances from other genre-friendly figures -- DJ Sabo, Munchi, and Tittsworth included -- and make for a tension-filled dance party complete with tribal accents, eerily spoken Spanish vocals, and awesomely addictive drum patterns.

Grab the EP for free on Scion AV's website. Make sure you have your bass turned all the way up, too. [Download the El Baile Diablume mixtape here.]