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Tom Hardy Looked Like A Fancy 19th Century Oil Baron At ‘The Revenant’ Premiere

Who else kind of wants to see him give that mustache a twirl?

While many of the stars of "The Revenant" are covered in blood, muck and grime for pretty much all of the film, at last night's (December 16) Los Angeles premiere they cleaned up amazingly well -- although Tom Hardy still kind of looks like he's living that 19th century life when it comes to his fashion sense. Check out the pics:

  • Seriously, take a gander at this upstanding member of society.
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    The waistcoat! The pocket watch! The genteel mustache! All he needs is a monocle and he's ready to travel around the world in eighty days.

  • Let's get an up-close look:
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    Dang, son, that is some dapper accessorizing. He looks like he's about to drink my milkshake a la "There Will Be Blood."

  • Of course Leonardo DiCaprio was also there, with matching facial hair.
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    Bros who mustache together make a splash together. That's a saying, right?

  • And their co-star Grace Dove looked simply smashing.
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  • So did Will Poutler, in that he looks like he wants to smash things.
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  • Whereas Domhnall Gleeson is clearly using the Force on people.
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    Geez, one "Star Wars" movie and he's already acting like a Sith Lord on the red carpet.

    Yes sir, that is one fine-looking cast.

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    Can't wait to see them all try to kill each other in the snow next week at the movie theater!

"Revenant" hits theaters December 25.