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Curl Up On The Couch With These 10 Sick-Day Flicks

Grab a blanket and a decongestant.

'Tis the season to get disgustingly, infectiously, contagiously sick. I'm talking runny nose, headache, watery eyes, deep chest cough -- you know, the kind where you can feel stuff dislodging in there. Gross. And while it always sucks to be sick, if you're going to find a silver lining to your snot-filled face, it's going to be sick day movies.

There's something about curling up on the couch underneath a mountain of fleece blankets to half-watch and old favorite film that almost makes being sick worth it. The perfect sick flick is a combination of something light-hearted, something that you might have already seen, and, most importantly, something that you don't need to pay terribly close attention to ('cause those sick day naps are equally as important). Here are 10 movies, perfectly tailored to see you through disease.

  1. "Groundhog Day"

    When you have a cold, it feels like your suffering may never end. Let Bill Murray, perpetually trapped in the year's least exciting holiday, commiserate with you.

  2. "Good Burger"

    Remember that time you got sick in the third grade and your mom let you rent this on VHS? You spent the whole day flipping through Nickelodeon Magazine and wishing you had a strawberry jacuzzi? "Good Burger" holds up.

  3. "Spaceballs"

    Prep for the new "Star Wars" the Mel Brooks way. You can chuckle at the puns between gasping coughs and try to telepathically will Rick Moranis into returning to acting.

  4. "The Goonies"

    You know this movie so well that you can fall asleep when they find the map and still understand what's going on when Data starts screaming about Chester Copperpot.

  5. "Aziz Ansari: Dangerously Delicious"

    Leave it to old-school Aziz to pull you out of your infectious funk. You'll laugh so hard at his story about 50 Cent that your congestion will clear up.

  6. "Pride & Prejudice"

    Not feeling terribly romantic? Let Jane Austen take over for you. You can gawk at Darcy and dream of a different time -- a time when your cold would likely have killed you.

  7. "Clueless"

    Has your bronchitis got you totally buggin'? "Clueless" is the perfect movie to keep your cold-riddled spirits up. And no, you're not having a fever dream. Paul Rudd really hasn't aged.

  8. "Finding Nemo"

    "Inside Out" was amazing. Everybody's talking about "The Good Dinosaur." But a sick day on the couch is the perfect opportunity to revisit your Pixar favorite. If Nemo can find his dad, you can kick this cold.

  9. "Rocky"

    Beat that disease like Rocky Balboa beats a side of beef. Just watching "Rocky" is enough to inspire your immune system to fight.

  10. Any and all "Harry Potter" movies

    This is for when your cold lingers like Nearly-Headless Nick and you have the complexion of a dementor. Put on "Sorcerer's Stone" and if you're not better by the time Cedric gets it in "The Goblet of Fire," you should go to a doctor.