Shelby Turner / YouTube

Watch What Happens When You Propose With A Puppy

Boyfriends of the world take note: This is how you nail a proposal.

Recently, 24-year-old Shane Moffis was ready to pop the big question to his girlfriend, Shelby Turner. He clearly wanted to propose in a memorable way, because on the day that he was ready to do it, Moffis pulled up to Turner's house with the ring safely tucked away -- on the collar of a chocolate lab puppy!

In the below video, which we dare you to watch without crying, Moffis presents Turner with the new puppy, named Sitka. Turner is so overwhelmed by Sitka's adorableness that she can barely focus when Moffis repeatedly tells her to check her collar.

Around the 1:15 mark, Turner does finally check Sitka's name tag and finds the ring that Moffis had tied there. Moffis immediately drops to one knee, and Turner becomes even more filled with joy, tearfully asking, "Is this real?"

Watch the video for yourself, and realize that yes, reality sometimes is a fairytale.

(Also, will Sitka be the flower girl? OMG!)