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Kylie Jenner's Dogs Probably Eat A Lot Healthier Than Most People

Kylie shuts down accusations of animal neglect with new video.

Kylie Jenner is putting to rest allegations that she neglects care of her dogs. After Kylie posted a clip of her dogs on her Snapchat, LA Country Animal Control was notified due to the visibility of ribs on Bambi, a grey Italian greyhound. Despite the allegations, experts recently told TMZ that Italian greyhounds are naturally lean and there is nothing visibly out of the ordinary with her dogs.

In response to the allegations, Kylie posted a video on her personal site revealing the secrets for how she cares for her adorable pooches. And your run-of-the-mill kibble is not part of their diet. For one, Kylie likes to feed her dogs organic food. And rather than sip on tap water, she only uses purified water from a filter on her faucet. Plus, in order to help them maintain those pretty, shiny coats, she occasionally feeds them coconut oil to maintain the shine.

“I am OBSESSED with my dogs," Kylie wrote on her site. "I love them like they are my kids. I feed them the best food, bathe them in the best products and show them love 24/7!”

Check out a clip of Kylie's tips below: