First Impressions: How Much Do You Remember About Someone You Just Met?

The 'Middle Of The Night Show' is about to find out.

How much can you learn about a person in just a couple of minutes? Most of us think we're pretty observant and pay attention to details — but what if you made a brand-new acquaintance and then got quizzed about your pal?

In the latest installment of the "Middle of the Night Show," actor Anthony Anderson and comedian Brian "Murph" Murphy did just that by playing a little game called "The Newlymet Game" (a version of "The Newlywed Game" with a lot less marriage).

"Anthony and I will each be paired up with a complete stranger and given thirty seconds to get to know them. We'll then be asked personal questions about that stranger's life," Murph explained. "Whoever gets the most correct answers wins a new friend and the coveted Champ Stamp."

Check out the hilarious clip to see just what they thought they knew about their partners in stranger-dom -- plus you've gotta see what makes the ending a "MOTNS" historical first:

How much do you remember about "newlymet" peeps? Let us know in the comments section -- get your fill of “Middle of the Night Show” here!