'Pretty Little Liars' Cast Give Us A Relationship Status Report On Ezria, Emison, Haleb And More

Find out who's single, who's in a relationship and who's, well, complicated.

A lot can happen in five years, and "Pretty Little Liars" fans are going to experience that first hand when the ABC Family (soon to be known as Freeform) show jumps five years into the future for its new season. The Liars -- Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Ali -- have new 'dos, new jobs and even new significant others.

MTV News caught up with "Pretty Little Liars" boss Marlene King and some of the PLLs themselves -- Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse -- at New York Comic Con over the weekend, where the cast made their official Comic Con debut, and the executive producer dished on the current relationship status of each Liar when we see them in the Season 6B premiere. Shippers, you've been warned. You may not like what King and the PLLs have to say.

Hanna: In a relationship

Hanna Engaged PLL

Hanna isn't just in a relationship, she's engaged! Her fiancé is still TBD, but it has to be Caleb, right?! "I think being engaged gave her security," Ashley Benson told us. "Just because her life has been so crazy the past five years. I think it's just another step for her, being more mature and growing into her own. I think it was the right thing for her to do for herself."

Oh, and that crazy expensive-looking rock on Hanna's finger? Benson and her BFF Shay Mitchell picked it out together.

Spencer: Single

ABC Family

Spencer on Pretty Little Liars

OK, so we know this isn't great news for Spoby fans, but Spencer has been pretty busy making a name for herself in Washington D.C., which will come in handy when she returns to Rosewood and starts to help her mom on the campaign trail. Honestly, if we had to sacrifice Spoby for more scenes with Spencer and Veronica, then I'm more than OK with it because Hastings women are one of the best parts of "PLL."

"In [Season] 6B, we see them working very closely together on something," King said. "It brings them closer together. There's a little more friction between Mr. Hastings and Spencer, but Veronica and Spencer have a very tight bond in this upcoming season."

Emily: Single

PLL Toby and Emily

Emily and Ali have spent five years apart, so when Emily returns to Rosewood, will Emison heat up? Or have those flames been extinguished? "Their relationship is always going to be one that everybody loves," Mitchell said. "Because it is so special, and I think no matter what happens, no matter who they end up with, they will always have that love for each other."

Aria: In a relationship

Aria Dancing PLL

"Their relationship has a lot more depth now that they're older," Lucy Hale said of Ezria. "On a professional level. No matter how old they are, they are still each other's first loves, so there's that innocence to it as well. I love them together. It's like a real, genuine relationship, so I'm curious to see where it will go."

Ali: It's complicated


At the end of the midseason finale, we got a glimpse into Ali's future as Mrs. Rollins, but when we first see her in the Season 6B premiere, she's still Miss DiLaurentis. So this season, fans can expect Ali and Doctor Rollins' love story to play out from very beginning.

"When we come back, she's not married yet," Sasha Pieterse told us. "But you see her relationship transform and this this love story with [Doctor Rollins] begins. It's very cute, and I really like it. It's a good direction, and I think the fans, as much as they're all for Emison, are still going to like this... I'm finally normal! I have a healthy love story, which is unusual for Alison, obviously."