Now You Too Can Own A 16-Foot Tall AT-ST


There have been plenty of real-world attempts to bring some of the vehicles from the "Star Wars" universe into the real world. Whether it be petition to create a real-world Death Star or one man's effort to construct a Millennium Falcon in his own backyard, fans of the franchise have done their best to recreate the tech of both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

Now, a Bristol, England-based eBayer is offering up a replica of the notoriously Ewok-vulnerable walker in an auction.

The seller is currently entertaining offers at £9,800.00 (a little under $1600 USD) for the 16-foot-tall wood and metal mech monstrosity. User hollywoods-finest-stuff boasts that it's been weather-proofed and has its own stand, although sadly, their replica doesn't offer any real-world stomping or laser-based destruction.

The AT-ST Walker was introduced in "The Empire Strikes Back," but were more notable for their role in the Battle for Endor in "Return of the Jedi."