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Fetty Wap Back Again, This Time With A New EP, For My Fans

More new Fetty to round out his remarkable year.

Given the year he's had, if Fetty Wap slowed down a little bit -- or even a lot -- it would be completely understandable. But he's not stopping. And now he's back, again, with a new five-song EP, lovingly titled For My Fans.

After all, he's had a string of hit singles -- starting with "Trap Queen" and still going strong with "679," with "Again" and "My Way" sandwiched in between -- plus dropped his self-titled, chart-topping debut album in September.

He rocked stages from the MTV Movie Awards to the BET Awards to Powerhouse. And he hit the stage on that last one with a broken leg, following a motorcycle accident that happened the weekend of his album's release. In October, a month after that, he dropped even more new music, with the French Montana collaborative mixtape Coke Zoo.

As if that wasn't enough, now he's giving us more. "I'd like to thank my fans," he says on "Ferari Music," where he raps over Rick Ross' "Aston Martin Music." "Because of you guys, I do what the f--k I want. It feels f--king good, man."