Miley Cyrus Joins The Ranks Of The Be-Fanged In 'Hotel Transylvania'

Deadline reports that Miley has just joined the cast of "Hotel Transylvania," next year's fun animated flick about a hotel for archetypal monsters. The actress will give voice to Mavis, fledgling vampire and the on-screen daughter to Adam Sandler's Dracula. (No comment from Miley yet, but we're guessing she'd say that the whole thing is "like, pretty cool.")

The movie hits theaters in late September 2012--just in time for Halloween--and Miley will be in good company; it's packed with major celebs playing a plethora of supernatural characters, including several funny former stars of "Saturday Night Live." And while Miley's alto voice is pretty unmistakable, here's a quick cheat sheet if you want some help spotting her: has a first, full-length look at Mavis the Transylvanian Teen. She and Miley don't look much alike, but is it weird that we're kinda hoping Ms. Cyrus copies her character's style for a red-carpet appearance or two? Those red laceless Chucks and turtlenecked dress are too cute.

Will you be in line to, HEAR Miley in action when this movie hits theaters? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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