Jennifer Tilly Hopes There's Room For Black Widow In Marvel's Movies

Jennifer TillyLast week, Jennifer Tilly was Marilyn Monroe -- for a one-night all-star reading of "All About Eve" on Broadway (she took the part of Miss Caswell, while Annette Benning played Margo Channing and Keri Russell played the titular Eve).

For her next "approximation," Tilly would like to do either Betty Boop (soon to be a Broadway show) or "someone who's really kick ass, like a comic book heroine," she said. Though Catwoman "would be really amazing," she said, there's already a long line for that one, "and you know Catwoman was so lucky for Halle Berry," she joked.

"When I was little," Tilly said, "I liked this character called Natasha. She never had her own comic, but she always showed up in Spider-Man. She was the Black Widow."

At the moment, Tilly even looks a bit like Natasha/Black Widow -- who got a few miniseries and popped up in stories about Iron Man, Daredevil, and the Avengers. "I had these hair extensions put in for another movie," she said, "but they remind me of her because she always had long red hair flowing everywhere. And she wore a black latex catsuit, so she looked hot and sexy, but she could roll with the boys."

Tilly doesn't expect Black Widow to pop up in the next "Spider-Man" movie -- "I don't think there's a part for me in 'Spider-Man 4'" -- but she hopes there's room for her in "1602," where Natasha is a dangerous spy.

"That would be wack," Tilly said. "It's always more fun to play the villainess than the girlfriend. And when you get older, you veer more towards the villainess. Better that than the mother!"

Do you think Jennifer Tilly would make a good Black Widow? If not her, who?