Grant Morrison Turns 'Citizen Death' Game Concept Into Comic Book Script

Grant Morrison'Grant Morrison -- a huge gaming aficionado -- is already working on one videogame-based movie with "Area 51," but he's starting to give up hope that his idea for "Citizen Death" will ever become a game at all. So he wrote it as a comic.

"I wrote the script for a comic one night just for the hell of it," he said.

"Citizen Death" started out as an idea for a game, way before Morrison ever tinkered with 2003's Xbox game "Battlestar Galactica" or 2004's "Predator: Concrete Jungle." He originally told MTV News that he wrote the game as segments and levels, with the idea to create a city "that was really immersive."

"You could go into places and really unusual things might happen if you go into certain stores," Morrison said at the time. "You go into one place and you can learn voodoo from the proprietor of the store, and then have to go on missions involving that. The vehicles you could actually get were more interesting, like UFOs, flying saucers and boots that would allow you to bounce around over skyscrapers."

Since talking to video game developers and getting no bites, he's re-imagined the idea somewhat, and made it as much character-oriented as high concept.

"It's kind of a parallel world where the Roman Empire didn't fall for another 300 years," Morrison told us more recently. "And there's a detective [from that world] in kind of the center, the Manhattan of that world. And there's another guy who's come from a land that's basically our own world. There's kind of a tunnel between them, and the two connect."

Morrison said that the idea for "Citizen Death" now is to invent a new genre, which he calls "pop art noir": "very colorful, but with lots of sex and violence."

Does "Citizen Death" intrigue you? Do you think it would work better as a video game, comic, or movie?