Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige Says Yes To '1602’ Movie... Just Not Anytime Soon

Marvel '1602'It’s been like an all you can eat smorgasbord at the Comic Book Buffet this summer, with fans gorging themselves on a heaping plateful of Batman, a giant helping of “Iron Man,” and a little taste of “Hellboy” and “Hulk.”

So indulgent was the feast, director "Hulk" Louis Leterrier told MTV News in June that we might be getting dangerously close to having our fill of the norm, and suggested Marvel mix it up with alternative superhero projects like “World War Hulk” or Neil Gaiman’s “1602.”

Gaiman, not surprisingly, recently said he thought it was a great idea.

Could a project like “1602” -- which envisions the Marvel Universe if it took place in the year 1602 -- ever actually get made, though?

Yes, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige told MTV News. Just don’t hold your breath.

“Something like ‘1602’ I think would be really cool to do at sometime down the line. I love it. It is spectacular,” he said. “But the key to it, the fun of it, is that you need to know those characters very well. You need to know each and every one of those characters and who their present day reincarnations are in order to enjoy and understand and appreciate how Neil was able to reinvent them and do that period spin on them for ‘1602.’ If you don’t know them yet and if they haven’t had their own stories yet, I don’t think it would be as much fun. If you don’t know them well and you haven’t been introduced to them in a similar medium in their traditional environments, plucking them out of that won’t seem as unique or different.

“I’d love to do stuff like ‘1602’ or ‘What Ifs’ or something like Marvel’s ‘Earth X,’” he continued. “But somewhere down the line. You need the audience, or the movie going public to have a great understanding of who they are before you alter it like that.”

Sorry, Mr. Gaiman, Feige’s on to something.

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Would "1602” even make sense before all the individual movies got released first? And are these types of alternate stories really the future of comic book movies? Do you think audiences will tired of the same type of origin story over and over again? Sound off on all your thoughts below.