Mötley Crüe Is Immortalized In Soda

May 13 [14:00 EST] -- When you think thirst-quenching, you think Vince Neil.

That's the connection that the folks at Skeleteens beverages hope you make when Mötley Brüe hits store shelves any day now.

The company (which previously delivered such high concept soft drinks as Brain Wash, Black Lemonade, and Love Potion #69) has become the first to market a soda based on a heavy metal band.

The group helped to design the bottles for Brüe, and each label will feature song lyrics from the group's reunion album, "Generation Swine" (which hits stores on June 24).

The drink (available in coffeehouses, skateshops, record stores, and other spots off the beaten path) boasts an ingredient list that includes jalapeno, ginseng, mad dog weed, and skullcap, and promises to turn everything it touches blue on its way in and out of your body.

Generation Swine" and the soft drink the band has spawned both mark the return of original frontman Vince Neil

to the Motley fold. The first product of the group's reunion with Neil, the single "Afraid," will be released to radio on May 20.

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