LMFAO Ask To Be Interviewed In Their Underwear — And We Say 'Sure!'

"I'm in Miami, trick!" It's an anthem right now. From South Beach to Malibu, those four simple words are being sung by clubgoers everywhere, making LMFAO a hot commodity at any party.


As anyone who has been to Times Square in the past few months will tell you, what used to be four lanes of traffic has now become just two, making room for hundreds of pink deck chairs for tourists and New Yorkers alike to kick up their feet. So when the boys of LMFAO came to town, we thought we'd change things up, and instead of shooting the interview indoors, we moved things outside. What would happen next we never expected.

As we met the boys from LMFAO — Redfoo and Sky Blu (yes, really) — and showed them the three pink deck chairs we would be sitting on. They whispered quietly to each other, and then Redfoo politely asked, "Would it be OK if we do this interview in our underwear?"

"The deck chairs remind us of the beach, so we'd like to bring the beach to Times Square," Sky Blu added.

"Why not?" we replied, a little unsure of what the rules of indecent exposure are in Times Square. So there and then, in the middle of Times Square, the duo stripped down to their LMFAO custom underwear, wearing only their chains and sunglasses (that have no lenses). Interesting! In all my years at MTV, I have to say I've interviewed Rick Ross with no shirt on and even had the pleasure of talking to Cassie in a bathrobe, but never, ever have I interviewed an artist in just their underwear, let alone in the middle of Times Square.

They're both characters, to say the least! We spoke about the first time they came up with the hook "I'm in Miami, trick," the LMFAO groupies, their next single and video (which features two of the girls from "Real World: Cancun") and, interestingly, their close personal connection to Michael Jackson.

Both Redfoo and Sky Blu (uncle and nephew) are members of the Gordy family — in fact, Redfoo is the son of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy. Growing up, the duo spent quality time with Michael Jackson and his family at home (Jermaine Jackson married Redfoo's sister Hazel), and the guys said they listened to Thriller constantly before writing songs for their debut album, Party Rock.

Before the boys unexpectedly got up and ran around the gathered crowd, singing their new song "La La La" and yelling "We're in New York, b---h!" at the top of their lungs, we did find a moment to speak about their thoughts on the loss of the King of Pop and touched on Berry Gordy's take on the drama and aftermath since MJ's death.

It was my first time meeting the boys of LMFAO, and despite having already seen way more of them than I expected, they're a lot of fun.