MTV News Correctly Guesses Approximately One-Third Of The 'Maxim' Top 10

Yesterday, we hypothesized about who was missing from the partially revealed Maxim Hot 100 list of entertainment's most gorgeous female stars.

Upon its full reveal this morning, we were immediately struck by a wave of optimism, having correctly put #10 (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and #9 (Jordana Brewster) on our list of nominees.

From there, however, the whiffs begin. We completely spaced on the lovely Rihanna (#8) and are wearing "Watchmen" flavored egg on our face for forgetting Malin Akerman (#4).

Our triumph continued, however, by hitting their #2 spot-on by predicting "Transformers" star Megan Fox.

Our shame peaked at #1 with Olivia Wilde, who didn't even factor into our snap predictions yesterday. We're sorry, Olivia. We really do like you.